The Storeroom

The following items are stored by a cohort of adventurers at the TGIF. Please update when items are used or added.

Armor & Weapons

  • Helmet that matches that worn by the War Forges in the Brickallistor Farm, seems to date back to around 150 years ago and have some kind of illusory sight association.
  • 7 Heavy Shields +1 that function as a symbol of hope (priest power daily, immediate reaction, use when you or an ally is hit by an effect that has save to end, you or ally get +5 on save to end). They are heavy, but seem light to carry (~5 pounds instead of usual 15), and give a +1 power bonus to AC even when not actively equipped (e.g. if strapped to back; cannot be stacked with bonus from another equipped shield though). 4 more of these can be found back at the Abbey
  • One suit of Chainmail +1, equivalent to Dwarven Armor (although not made by Dwarves; see PHP: Allows one daily free action: regain hit points as if you had spent a healing surge). Also a LVL 3 item so worth 680 GP (purchase value). Made by the old monastic order at the now Ruined Abbey

Spells & Potions

  • 3-4 Level 1, Divine scrolls (from store room of [[Ruined Abbey | Ruined Abbey])
  • 2 Resistance Potions (AV p 188) (also from Ruined Abbey)

Bits & Pieces

  • 22 War Forge Discs from Brickallistor Farm
  • A few spare bits of decent looking War Forged pieces we thought 27-B might be able to use.


  • 2 Scroll/Maps that appear to be blueprints of a tower in the nearby Grey Hills. Our inkling is that is has to do with a White Wizard that is rumored to be up in that.

Adventuring Gear

  • 13 brightly burning torches. 20 square/radiant/good-aligned magic. Burn for 4 hours at time.

The Storeroom

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