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Dudes: please feel free to edit and add anything to any page or adventure log. This belongs to you, the players. You don’t need my permission to add, move, rename, etc. as you see fit.

This is the main page of the Wiki. Because of the free-form nature of the Sandbox game, I figure most of the info you find would go here.

Lets try and have as few pages as possible; in general, try and use a single page until in needs to be split up, rather than five very related pages.


Does it make sense to link the characters from here?
Barney Blackspell
Galen Ravenspire
Rebecca, Devotee of Kelemvor
Pieter Quinn


City of Greenwitch
Ruined Abbey
Abandoned Farm
Evergreen Forest
The Storeroom

Rumors and Adventure Hooks

Just a single page for now?


Session Planning ?
House Rules

Main Page

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