Ruined Abbey

See Ruined Abbey

• Monks used to come to town to sell powerful weapons

• Dont come around no more

• Strange sounds in area

Blackguard Copper Mine
E Blackguard hills

• Mine Shut down Years Ago

• Occasional prospectors come through
some return empty-handed
some never return

• Rumored to be fortune of mine-owner buried in cave

Greyspire Tower Ruins

• Some say was the tower of great wizards

• Destroyed 100 years ago

Abandoned Farm

See Abandoned Farm

• Big Farm, Abandoned due to Wolf Activity Recently (not profitable)

• Something Valuable Buried Underneath Farmer couldn’t take with him


See Tombwood

• Tombwood was once the burial grounds of the rich and famous of Greenwitch back in the day. But the site has been abandoned for these purposes some time ago, and there are now rumors of a malevolent force in the woods…

• Did I mention: they were rich?


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