Abandoned Farm

SW of town, almost directly below the fork of the N and S Emerald River lies the Abandoned Brickallistor Farm. Abandoned last season owing to increased wolf activity, the Brickallistors packed up and moved closer (but still outside of) Greenwich CT.

Once you take the wagon trail that juts off the road adjacent to Emerald River it will lead you through a forested area and to the farm. Be aware of a Wolf who has been seen in the wooded areas before reaching the farm, and who was last seen running off to the SE of the farmland.

Only months after it’s owners left it, the one-story ranch-style house still sits amongst it untended fields. Not in disrepair but clearly un-lived in for many months. It still is home to some heavy furniture – a trunk full of some linens, a large kitchen table and some bed frames.

Close inspection of the floor and you might find the inconsistency in the wood below the stove. Move the stove to follow a steep staircase/ladder that drops you down into a dark, short and narrow hall – clearly abandoned for decades longer than the farmhouse, potentially even 100’s of years. At the end of the hall lies an entrance with a magical torch that reads ‘lite me’ in runes. Magically lit, you may be able to see into a small room with a large block in the center if the door is open. The room initially looks plain, but don’t be fooled. If you can sense it’s illusion, it will reveal to you a room with more runes written expertly on the wall (standard illusion script) and a Wizard’s orb sitting atop the block – firmly locked to it. On the other side of the block lies another door that will lead you down a second narrow stair set to a very small room with a door.

Open the door and you will see a long hall, leading to a much larger room. This room was protected by three Golem (Homunculus Iron-Defenders). One bore the symbol of the God Ioun (God of knowledge and learning regarding magic) and two wore the symbol of the God Melorah (God of wilderness and the sea). To the right you will find double doors leading to sleeping quarters, where nothing of value was found. To the left you will find double doors leading into a Wizards den, which was plundered for valuables that included gold, potions and a ruby. An annex in the den serves as a prayer room, of which the walls shows an interesting mural: one of Ioun standing next to and fighting the god Vecna (God of the undead, necromancy and secrets). Fighting alongside Ioun is Melorah and Korallan (God of strength, beauty and the arts – patron of magic and the fae).

On the other side of the room where the Golem once stood, one more set of double doors will lead you into a huge tunnel where an underground river runs through. This huge tunnel is not entirely natural in appearance and feel, but also clearly not the work of dwarves. Travel about an hour up-river, and there is (so far) nothing to be found.

Under farm

Brickallastor continued

Adventurers who have explored this farm include #27-B, Barney Blackspell, Galen Ravenspire

Abandoned Farm

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