Dave's Sandbox

April 3rd, 2011
Brickallistor's Farm


Characters meet at the TGI,F in Greenwich where Galen and Barney are staying. #27B joins them. All three agree to explore a recently abandoned farm to the SW of Greenwich. Rumor has it the Brickallistor family recently left the farm on account of increased wolf activity that we destroying livestock. There are also whispers of a great treasure that lies below the farm.

The following morning the party left for the farm, at first following a trail that closely paralleled the Emerald River until it forked where N and S Emerald River meet. At this point we traveled a wagon trail leading S through a wooded area, and next to a small, seemingly seasonal creek. At some point the trail crossed the creek – where we came upon and saw a large wolf. Galen’s keen sense of nature noted that while large for it’s size, it was not out of the range of possibility for a natural creature – Barney noted a hint of magic about the creature. 27B just wanted to know if he should terminate it. His party disuaded him.

After crossing the creek, the Wolf kept pace with the party, never acting aggressively but seemingly keeping watch on the adventurers. When the clearing where farm fields were and the Ranch-Style house sat was reached – the Wolf ran SE and disappeared. He or She was not seen the rest of the day.

After trying a locked door that would be difficult to fix if broken, 27B tried to bust through the roof while Galen and Barney opted to smash a window to get into the locked house. Close inspection found a secret passageway leading to a portion of the farm that was obviously abandoned for much longer than the house – likely 100’s of years vs a few months. The passageway lead down into a narrow hall to a room at the end with what at first seemed nothing but bare walls and a big cement block in the middle. Realizing this was an illusion, Barney began to describe what he could see – which was in fact a room holding a large Wizards orb on top of the block. Barney sensed it was an orb of great power, but not for battle – likely one of wisdom, knowledge and history. Probably famous and valuable in some wizardry circles.

Unable to remove the orb from its mount, the party continued through a door at the end of the room which led to another narrow set of stairs and into a large room with three inanimate Golem – Homunculus Iron-Defenders to be specific, all of which were facing away from this entrance. At this point, doors all seemed to be lockable from our side, as if to prevent people from coming in the opposite direction we were heading.

Upon crossing the Golem they sprang to life and we battled and defeating them. There were three sets of double doors off this room, two sets lead to rooms that were picked through for a few valuables – the third to a huge tunnel with an underground river running through it. At this point 27B went back to town for supplies and Galen and Barney traveled on for another hour or so upriver, and found nothing after 40 minutes. Opting to call it a day – the two also returned to the city (on the way out fixing the window, roof and floor damage they and 27B had caused getting in). Trinkets were sold, gold was equally distributed.

For more details see Abandoned Farm.


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