Barney Blackspell

A dashing, smart, sexy, amazing and legen- wait for it -dary gnome wizard.


Barney is a young member of the well-known and respected Blackspell family (known not just for their business savvy and powerful wizardry, but also for their often public rivalry with the New Hampshire Darkmagic’s). He is often noted for his well-tailored and fashionable cloaks and has generally negative reputation with the ladies. A reputation he pretends not to notice, but is difficult to ignore since he suffers from the misnomer curse – an unfortunate curse a beautiful young witch placed on him after a one-night stand while summering in Hammersdam. This curse causes people that just meet him to instinctively call him ‘Swarley’ even if they can remember and articulate his real name.

Despite his behavior with the ladies – he is fairly well liked among two groups of people. Those who don’t know him well enough and enjoy his often elaborate and usually well executed magic-fireworks displays; or those few that get to know him enough to see beyond his tough-guy facade.

Recently graduated with a WS from Wizlayen University, Barney is setting out to make his mark in the world through gaining fame and fortune. And though he would never admit it, largely to prove himself to his family – specifically his father – he is a worthwhile Blackspell to eventually take over the family business.

Barney Blackspell

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